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Amino acids and Proteins

Over thousands of years of domestication , our pets do not look much like their predecessors , nor is their body metabolism and chemistry like their predecessors. Our dogs have developed to need carbohydrates in addition to meat.

Lets talk about protein for a minute: it is essential to us and to our pet. Protein is made up of 22 amino acids, sometimes called the building blocks of tissue.

  • Amino acids are necessary for a healthy immune system

  • Amino acids are required to make new skin and hair

  • Amino acids impact every cell and function of the body, human or animal.

Is too much protein harmful to your pet? Some vets and dog food producers say yes, it can lead to kidney damage. Not so, the kidneys are the organs that filtrate all excess materials from the system; proteins, as well as minerals, toxic medications, etc.

Unless your dog already has kidney damage, or only one kidney, a diet high in excessive protein, the extra protein will be filtered out of the system causing no damage.