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And now Carbohydrates??

We discussed proteins last week and now that proteins are made up of 22 amino acids …these are the building blocks necessary for Fido to have a healthy immune system, healthy skin, hair, nails and coat.

Carnivores, but our dogs have evolved to be omnivores and have stomachs and intestines to digest more than meat alone.

Starchy carbohydrates:

How many of us grew up feeding our pets just table scraps ? These scraps were not just meat, they were starchy carbs. Anyone who exercises knows that you need an intake in carbs for for quick energy, but also healthy brains and nerves. Carbs are also fiber, and we know we need lots of fiber for healthy intestines and proper bowel function, control of blood sugar, especially in dogs with diabetes. WARNING….too much in an inactive dog can lead to weight gain and a multitude of symptom problems.

Fiber also comes from fruits and vegetables…and our dogs do like these to one extent or the other. Too little fiber from fruits and veggies, unlike starchy carbs, can cause diarrhea which depletes essential vitamins, and can lead to diabetes and a multitude of system problems including heart problems, arthritis.

Too much fiber and not enough water can lead to constipation and even bowel blockage.


A balance fat diet is also important to your pets overall health. Fat is necessary for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins which we’ll is critical to our pet’s health. we’ll discuss this later.

Fat encases nerve fibers and speeds reaction time, especially needed for good brain health promoting less stress. Not to mention, like in our diets fats make foods taste better and more tempting! fat also gives your dod a skinnier coat and healthier skin.

More next week on Vitamins and minerals. Please come visit us again then.