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Obesity and Health of Your Pet

Not all breeds age at the same rate . According to “" ,” larger breeds mature at a slower rate, but turn seniors faster.” As we ourselves know, the amount and types of food we could eat and maintain our weight 18-24 y/o’s changes markedly at 40 y/o. What happened ????? Our metabolism slowed down, and in some cases our activity slowed down, and pounds quietly packed on around our waists. Our dogs face the same dilemma ! We can feel the effect of extra weight on our frames, and we can SEE the effects on our pets.

We also, know the negative effects of extra weight on our bodies- diabetes, heart disease, arthritis….Yep, same goes for Baxter, too. Correlation between an obese dog and early aging is present, most notably , intolerance to activity, joint stiffness and pain and early heart disease and diabetes.

According to , “," “More than of half of all dogs in America , are overweight or obese .” There is even a National Pet Obesity Awareness Day [October 8th].

So, when do you know- or think- Lucky maybe carrying too much weight?

1. Look at him face on. Can you see a narrowing from his shoulders to his waist before his hips? There should be an obvious change.

2. Can you easily feel his ribs and the spaces between them? When you look at a fitness instructor , you can see their ribs and could feel the spaces between. You should be able to do this on your dog as well. If you can't without pushing in deeply, there is excessive fatty tissue which constricts the lungs from expanding fully and effects their breathing, panting.

Again, you can see the parallel between our own wellness and that of our pet. Big difference, we can choose healthy foods and portions! Big Difference, he can't control the amount or quality of his food or his exercise….only you can! We know that life longevity , is influenced by health. So, no junk food, unhealthy fatty foods and more exercise can lead to a longer life with your pet!

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