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Winter is Fast Approaching

Baby, it's cold outside! When it is cold outside we humans tend to want to stay inside where it is warm and cozy...but what about our pets? We become more sedentary through the winter months, and therefore so do our pets. How to fix this?? Think out of the box. We can keep them active, even while inside. Here is one of the games we play with our dogs to keep them active and a lot less bored!

Hide and Seek: This is a great game to play, and it teaches your dog to come when called. They will love it. Two humans with some favorable small pieces of cheese. One human stay with the dog, the other go and hide (with your cheese). Call the dogs name and say "Becca, where are you?" The other human tells Becca to go find Cheryl...that's me! Keep calling until the dog finds you, reward with the treat. Now the other human is hiding, and beings the same process, "Becca, where are you". Make sure you hide in place that will make it a little running up and down the stairs...Exercise complete!

Here is a web site with fun interactive games that will keep you dog wanting more!


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